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Custom pet portraits hand-painted or drawn by talented artists from your favorite photo.  A one-of-a-kind keepsake signed by the artist.

Our furry friends not only make great companions, they make fantastic art! So grab your favorite pet photo and pick an art style that fits their personality and your home decor and we'll create an unforgettable work of art. Our pet portraits make great gifts for pet lovers too!

Art - By Subject:  Houses  |  Pets  |   Cars  |  Babies  |  Kids  |   Couples  |  Him/Her

Art - By Style:      Oil  |  Pop  |  Pencil  |   Watercolor  |  Iso  |  Pen/Ink | Inked Wcolor

Customer Reviews
4.8 out of 5(2184 reviews)


  • Hang a giant portrait of your pet up in a room and it will make people smile every time they see it.
  • Beautiful keepsake - pet memorial
  • Great gift for pet lover
  • Pencil sketch pet portraits are most popular.

Order Pet Portraits in These Styles:

Order  Pencil Sketch  -   $80 sale ($130)

Order  Oil  -   $70 sale ($100)

Order  Watercolor  -   $80 sale ($110)

Order  Pop Art  -   $75 sale ($100)

Latest Customer Reviews

Watercolor Style
5 stars

by Denver, CO

Sketch Style
5 stars

by North Providence , RI

Watercolor Style
5 stars

by Reading, MA

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