Art Sizing & Hanging Tips

Here are a few tips to help you size and hang your artwork:

  • Hanging Height
    Generally art should be hung so that the center is about at eye level, so in most cases the midpoint is around 5 to 51/2 feet from the floor.
  • Artwork Size vs Wall
    The size of your art should relate to the size of the wall. If you are hanging art on a big wall space, make sure that the art is large enough to avoid looking puny and getting lost. This is a common mistake. In some cases, grouping smaller items that relate to each other can help sizing but generally large walls deserve large art.
  • Artwork Size vs Furniture
    The size of your art should also relate to the furniture where it is being placed. For example, If you are hanging your art over a sofa, table, fireplace, or shelf you don't want it to be wider than the furniture nor do you want the furniture to dwarf your art - the general rule is that the artwork be approximately 75% of the width of the furniture.
  • Above Furniture/Shelves/Mantle
    When hanging art above a shelf, fireplace, or sofa it should look grounded and not "float" too far above - the general rule being 6 to 12 inches above. Another nice presentation is to place the art right on a shelf or fireplace mantle and lean it against the wall.