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House portraits have three style choices. Pen & Ink house sketches are the favorite with watercolors second, and oils a distant third. All artwork is signed by the artist and is a welcom addition to any home.


Pen & Ink House Sketch

sketch of home

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House Portraits Hand Drawn/Painted - No Filters

Talented artists create high quality home portraits from a photo.  Proofs are available to review within days:

  • Creative, unique, and personalized gift idea.
  • Watercolors and Pen/Ink house sketches are most popular.

Order  Pen/Ink House Sketches  -   $70 sale ($100)

Order  Watercolor  -   $80 sale ($100)

Order  Oil  -   $70 sale ($100)

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Watercolor Style
4 stars

by San Jose, CA

House Sketch
5 stars

"Thank you for your prompt work. "

by Spokane, WA

House Sketch
5 stars

by Chicago, IL

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