Photo Tips

Quality photos are very important. The better the original photo, the better the resulting artwork will be. 


  • Large and clear are better.
  • For portraits, clearly show the shape of the face and definition of the features.  Eye's, eyelids, nose, and mouth definition should be clear.
  • See the examples below:

(Click on photo to see large image)

Good Photo - Clear, large photo.

Bad Photo - The same photo but blurred (may be an old/small photo scanned at a high resolution)

Good photo - Close up, high resolution and can clearly see subjects features.

Bad Photo - Large hi resolution photo, but since full body, faces are far away and therefore small and difficult to draw.

  • - Bigger & clear pictures are better - for portraits, the face / head should be large, with clearly visible features.
This doesn't mean that we can't work from lower quality images. If no better image is available, we can generally work from what you have, but please be aware that the resulting artwork may be less detailed.

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